Hostis Issue 2, “Beyond Recognition,” Now Available

hostis2Hostis, Issue 2, “Beyond Recognition,” is now available from our distributor, Little Black Cart.


1. Introduction Recognition and its Discontents
2. Five Theses on the Politics of Cruelty
3. A Letter to the Editors – Mary Nardini Gang
4. A Cautious Reply
5. THE REAL WAR [La guerre véritable] – Anonymous
6. AGAINST THE STATE OF EMERGENCY [Contre l’état d’urgence, l’urgence de prendre la rue] – Anonymous
7. Notes on People Who Have Been Surveilled by the Police or the State Asked to Take A Picture That Reveals Nothing About Them – Gabriel Saloman
8. The Tyranny of Imagery: Or, How to Escape the Zoopraxiscope – Anonymous
9. No Selves to Abolish: Afro-Pessimism, Anti-Politics, and The End of the World – K. Aarons
10. Peak Panik – Helge Peters and Johannes Büttner

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