Before getting right into the work of SAD ASIAN GIRLS CLUB and some of the ideas and politics behind what SAGC produces, could you tell us a little bit about how you all came together and started this project? Has SAGC kept (relatively) the same members since it was first started? We heard that the members of SAGC currently attend The Rhode Island School of Design. How do you collectively view design as an aid for the aims and politics of SAGC? Currently we are only Esther Fan and Olivia Park, and it is correct that we are both RISD […]

ZINE: “It’s Not a Debate, It’s War!”

Debate is a cover-story: never having to be honest about your true intentions while pretending to be open-minded. Debate dissociates argument from passion; phony talking-points from real life. There are multiple things we do not agree about – and we also disagree with the way in which you want us to say it. The narrowness of the debate-form allows those with power to dictate the boundaries of ‘reasonable’ discussion and ignore (or police) everything that happens outside it. But really, from Oxbridge to courts to government, we can easily see it’s not a debate, it’s a war. PDF Download

Hostis Issue 2, “Beyond Recognition,” Now Available

Hostis, Issue 2, “Beyond Recognition,” is now available from our distributor, Little Black Cart. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction Recognition and its Discontents 2. Five Theses on the Politics of Cruelty 3. A Letter to the Editors – Mary Nardini Gang 4. A Cautious Reply 5. THE REAL WAR [La guerre véritable] – Anonymous 6. AGAINST THE STATE OF EMERGENCY [Contre l’état d’urgence, l’urgence de prendre la rue] – Anonymous 7. Notes on People Who Have Been Surveilled by the Police or the State Asked to Take A Picture That Reveals Nothing About Them – Gabriel Saloman 8. The Tyranny […]